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Our Cash and ATM Services In simple terms, downed ATMs lose money and make your customers unhappy. NCAL specializes in keeping your ATM network up and running smoothly to build customer satisfaction and increase transaction revenue. ATM's that's all we do. Our maintenance technicians have a complete understanding of all ATM hardware and software applications, bringing years of experience and hundreds of hours of training to keep your ATMs in peak condition. We pride ourselves on delivering fast and friendly service. Since ATM's are all we do, we know more about trends than our competition. Frequently, we provide transaction trend movements, to our customers before they happen. While on site we observe community festival dates, sporting events, etc. that correlate with cash needs to prevent ATM’s funds running short.

Cash Services

cash dispenserOur cash services include:

  • cash replenishment
  • bulk order calculation
  • cassette preparation
  • deposit pick-up service
  • reconciliation & balancing services
  • load forecasting
  • out-of-cash alerts
  • back office services

Federal Reserve Coin Delivery

Our new "Fortress Coin Hauler" 703 and "Coin Hauler II" 702, are now ready to to provide large coin and currency shipments to any Financial institution in 11 states located in the Midwest from three Federal Reserves. Those FED shipping facilities are; Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City with delivery to MO, IL, AR, TN, KY, IN, WI, IA, NE, KS and OK. Each truck has dual rear doors which allow for forklift skid or bucket coin loading and unloading. Pickup and delivery can be made from dock to dock with truck 703 or our smaller version has a lift gate for customers receiving large deliveries without a dock a their facility.
Please contact us for rates based on shipment value, item weight,
and delivery distance.

First Line Maintenance

First line services include unlimited routine support, provided seven days a week. To minimize downtime, inventories of supplies are maintained in our fleet of first line vehicles. Also, included in FLM service is a comprehensive cleaning of the exterior of the ATM so our customers' equipment can maintain quality operation and feel to their customers.

Second Line Maintenance

maintenance services | tool box Whether we are repairing or replacing parts within the ATM and/or loading software, our second line service technicians are trained and certified on a wide variety of ATM models.

Comprehensive Compliance Evaluations

Are your notices and network logos in compliance and properly displayed? Our ATM-trained technicians will visit each site in your network, assessing the site condition and compliance with network and regulatory requirements. We diagnose, photograph, and recommend immediate action where appropriate. We have completed signage surveys, ADA physical facility surveys, Braille adequacy assessments, lighting surveys and other custom requested evaluations. This data is delivered back to you using a Web database and detailed spreadsheet reports so you can make quick and cost-effective decisions about your ATMs.


Choosing NCAL for your supply needs is a smart decision when you are seeking high quality products at cost efficient rates. NCAL offers consumables such as ATM receipt paper, printer ribbons, audit paper, and electronic journal disks. Whether you are looking for standard or highly customized products, we have a complete menu for your ATM. Our experience with a broad range of equipment enables us to make sure all of your supplies comply with what each individual ATM calls for. Ordering supplies from another vendor that doesn't have hands on experience requires them to spend time determining the exact model number and exact receipt paper. At NCAL we already have the supply details for virtually every type of equipment within our extensive database.

Morphis ACM Advanced Technology

Morphis placing your cash order New Century's Internet based ATM Management system, Morphis, provides you with the most efficient method to manage your ATM's by supplying information when you need it. Moreover, customers have the flexibility to place their own service calls over the phone or online. You can even track the status of your ticket on the Internet.

Each customer can view:

  • Company information
  • Company contacts
  • Full ATM list
  • Open service calls
  • ATM service history
  • Replenishment load schedule calendar
  • Cash management reports


New Century currently replenishes and services all brands of ATM equipment including but not limited to; NCR, Triton, Hyosung, Tidel, Tranax, and Diebold. During our daily scope of operations we use Shinwoo, Billcon, and DelaRue currency counters and our trucks are equipped with Dell and Gateway laptops for efficient communication and ATM reconciliation. New Century currently replenishes and services all brands of ATM equipment including but not limited to; NCR, Triton, Hyosung, Tidel, Tranax, and Diebold. During our daily scope of operations we use Shinwoo, Billcon, and DelaRue currency counters and our trucks are equipped with Dell and Gateway laptops for efficient communication and ATM reconciliation. All the ATMs and currency counters detailed below can be purchased from one of our strategic partners, just go to our contact page to request information and we will gladly have someone in contact soon.

Triton RL2000

Triton RL2000 | atm

Introducing Triton's all-new RL2000, the latest low-cost ATM for retail locations. With the widest range of dispensing mechanisms Triton has ever offered, it's the ideal choice for everyone from small c-stores and restaurateurs, to major hotel and retail chains. Its innovative configuration - including an embedded PC-based platform, Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0 operating system with Triton's X2 technology-makes the RL2000 as reliable as it is convenient. The RL2000 meets compliance mandates including California Access Compliance standards, ADA and audio compliance, Visa Encrypting PIN Pad (VEPP) and Triple-DES compliance. Like all Triton products, its unique design allows for hassle-free servicing, saving time and money while eliminating the need for expensive upgrades.

Tranax Mini-Bank 4000

Tranax Mini Bank 4000 | atm

The all new Mini-Bank c4000 represents the best in class convergence of ATM and self-service functionality, resulting in innovative new services and potential revenue streams for ATM owners. The Mini-Bank c4000 is TDES and ADA compliant right out of the box, including a VISA (lab certified) Encrypting Pin Pad (EPP) and a voice/lighted transaction guidance system. The Win CE based platform provides the flexibility to create made-to-order solutions including custom applications, customer-specific branding and graphics for retailers and value added services for consumers. The Mini-Bank c4000 comes in three distinct platforms to fit every environment, from embedded, Windows CE, and Windows XP.

NCR Easypoint 3600

NCR Easypoint 3600 | atm

In the ever-changing world of value-added services you need an ATM platform that is capable of growing with you and providing the performance and features that this consumer-driven market demands. The Tidel EasyPoint 3600 ATM is a cash dispensing solution for high volume, space-intensive environments such as lobbies, vestibules and stores. In these environments, where space is at a premium, the compact EasyPoint 3600 provides your customers with a range of secure services to most of their banking needs with high quality sound, graphics, and a large color display offer excellent opportunities for customer interaction. This value-priced ATM system provides you with the industry-leading features that you have come to expect from a Tidel EasyPoint platform and combines them with an Intel XScale® Platform that allows for a variety of applications developed in Windows CE

Hyosung NH-1500

Hyosung NH 1500 | atm

The NH-1500 Series is the most successful ATM on the retail market over the past several years. The NH-1500 Series has been created by the innovative ATM technology as well as the market approach. It is Triple DES compliant and provides versatile features such as voice guidance for compliance with ADA requirements, Visa EPP certified, UL standard and the unique design of Nautilus Hyosung.

Triton FT7000

Triton FT70000 | atm

For more than a decade, Triton has led the way in delivering high quality, low-cost ATMs. With the FT7000 family of ATMs, Triton introduces a completely new line of terminals, designed to meet the needs of any financial institution, large or small. With a total cost of ownership far less than traditional offerings, the FT7000 can help you expand your ATM network without breaking your budget. The FT7000's design allows you to easily configure your ATM estate to match the needs of your customer base today, yet be ready for any upgrade in the future.

Shinwoo SB 1000

Shinwoo SB 1000 | atm

SB-1000 is an intelligent and reliable currency discriminator using image processing technology, that provides faster and more accurate deposit processing without any interruption of rejects notes.

For information on any of the services or equipment please click here to contact us.